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Overview of My OSWP Journey Writeup:

  1. What You Must Learn Before Taking OSWP
  2. Setting Up Your Own Home Lab
  3. The Cost of Taking OSWP Training + Exam
  4. Preparation for the OSWP Exam
  5. My OSWP Exam Experience
  6. Tips and Tricks to Conquer this Beast!

001: What is PEN-210, WiFu and OSWP?

OSWP stands for Offensive Security Wireless Professional and the WiFu word is just the alias of the PEN-210 coming from the word WIreless and kung FU that’s why it became WiFu. You can see that there’s someone doing Kung Fu in my OSWP certificate hahaha

002: What You Must Learn Before Taking OSWP

HackTheBox Academy’s Linux Fundamentals
HackTheBox Academy’s Introduction to Networking
  1. Linux
    PEN-210 used Linux for their examples and lab exercises. The machine that you will be using in the exam is also Linux so you really need to be confident in using Linux. The Linux distribution that you will be using is BackTrack for the exam. For the lab exercises, Offensive Security will give you a copy of their BackTrack ISO but you can use any modern alternatives like Kali Linux or Parrot. I used Parrot throughout the labs and didn’t encounter any problem with the commands.
    If your are a BEGINNER, you can study Linux HANDS-ON for FREE here:
    - TryHackMe’s Linux Fundamentals Part 1
    - TryHackMe’s Linux Fundamentals Part 2
    - TryHackMe’s Linux Fundamentals Part 3
    Then if you are now slightly confident or you’re not yet satisfied and want some FREE challenge then go here:
    - HackTheBox Academy’s Linux Fundamentals
    Then to validate your confidence in Linux, you can try these extreme challenge regarding Linux:
    - OverTheWire’s Bandit
    OverTheWire is not really necessary but it is a fun challenge that can test your Linux skills. When you’re stuck, there are some writeups out there in the Internet regarding a certain level but just do not finish the level, understand also the how it works and why is it the correct method.
  2. Computer Networks
    There’s a lot of networking terminologies and techniques within the lab. If you’re not really familiar with the basic computer networking then you’ll have a hard time understanding the underlying concept of how each technique works in the lab exercises.
    You can use this FREE lesson to learn the basics that you need for the course:
    - HackTheBox Academy’s Introduction to Networks

003: Setting Up Your Own Home Lab

But I do not use any of it. I just used my existing router and wireless card. Just make sure that your router has the capability to switch between OPEN, SHARED, WPA and WPA2.

004: The Cost of Taking OSWP Training + Exam

After you purchased this, after 2–3 days, you will receive your PDF and Videos including the BackTrack ISO that you can use for the whole course. You will have access also in their open forum.

005: Preparation for the OSWP Exam

“Everything that you need is in the PEN-210 course and all you need to do is to understand it fully, in-depth, because if not, there’s a high chance that you will fail.”

Additionally, every steps I make in each practice, I write it down in my notes because of course, we cannot remember everything. I use Cherry Tree as a note taking tool.
By the way, the 1st to 6th day is my 2nd week. The 1st week is I am busy chilling and rewarding myself with rest since I just passed CompTIA PenTest+ exam the day that I purchased PEN-210.

006: My OSWP Exam Experience

007: Tips and Tricks to Conquer this Beast!

  1. Practice the exercises, again and again. If your router has some problem and the troubleshooting guides didn’t help then still perform what you can perform in the technique and understand it really, in-depth.
  2. Practice the analyzation of wireless routers if they have OPEN, SKA, WPA or WPA2 and if they are clientless or not so that you can clearly think of the right way how to attack a certain wireless network.
  3. DO NOT HACK other wireless networks other than what is given to you in the exam or else you’ll fail. Be careful on what you’re doing and make sure that other wireless networks that is not included in the target is not being harmed.
  4. Learn also how to mitigate the attacks that you’ve made.
  5. Use the template that Offensive Security gave you if you don’t have a report template yet and fill up the things that you can fill up there before the exam starts like your email, OSID etc.
  6. Many people fail this exam because they think it is just copy and paste from the PDF to the exam but it is not. Again, it is not. The exam requires you to really understand the underlying process in each technique. Failing to do so will cost you time (because you need to retake again and study again because you just run through the PDF) and money (there’s a retake fee and not reading the PDF or watching the video is like wasting your $450).

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