My CompTIA PenTest+ Journey

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Overview of My PenTest+ Journey Writeup:

  1. The Cost of Taking the CompTIA PenTest+
  2. My Hands-on Hacking Preparation
  3. My Theoretical Hacking Preparation
  4. My CompTIA PenTest+ Exam Experience
  5. Tips and Tricks to Conquer this Beast!

001: The Cost of Taking the CompTIA PenTest+

002: My Hands-on Hacking Preparation

  1. If you are a beginner in ethical hacking, then finish the Complete Beginner path in TryHackMe. If you are already within intermediate or advance level of ethical hacking then you can skip this to save time.
    Warning! Make sure that you do the hands-on in each topic and you really understand what happens.
The machines within the Wreath Lab network that you will encounter

003: My Theoretical Hacking Preparation

004: My CompTIA PenTest+ Exam Experience

005: Tips and Tricks to Conquer the Beast!

  1. If you do the tasks in 002 and you really understand and can perform the techniques in each of the topic then you’re good to go.
  2. Review your answers before you submit and end the exam! This is a must!
  3. Your first goal must be to LEARN. The second one is to PASS. I know some people who passed PenTest+ but still can’t conduct penetration testing mainly because they focused too much in answering multiple choice mock exams and memorization of terminologies instead of really learning the craft, hands-on, in-depth. Doing so will not just help you pass the exam but also help you in real life penetration testing working environment.