Verify my OSWP Certification in this link.

Overview of My OSWP Journey Writeup:

001: What is PEN-210, WiFu and OSWP?

PEN-210 or Offensive Security Wireless Attacks is…

Verify my CompTIA PenTest+ certification in this link!

Overview of My PenTest+ Journey Writeup:

001: The Cost of Taking the CompTIA PenTest+

The CompTIA PenTest+ training with exam will cost you around USD949 or almost PHP48,000 but in my case, I just spend around PHP9,000!

Our team (Hackuna Beta) was the first team that managed to get this web challenge (and even the first to get a flag in web category) so I have this urge to share how we get the flag in this challenge.

-We are given a web server in, nothing…

The view of the challenge from Crypto CTF 2020

This is my first time joining a CTF that is purely focused on cryptography. As I saw the challenges, I was discouraged because most of the challenges are full of evil mathematics haha
This CTF is really extremely HARD (for me)…

There are 20 challenges overall and before this, what…

Alexis Lingad

eCPPT | OSWP | PenTest+ | CySA+ | Author of Cyber Defender | Creator of Hackuna Anti-Hack | WTH Hacker Games Champion 2015&2017 |

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